How to turn off or disable Google Search History

Given the number of websites the average user browses daily and the number of unfamiliar links that open regularly, checking Google search history is sometimes necessary to return to a site you've previously visited.
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But on the other hand, many of us feel uncomfortable with Google to track all of our online activity through search history.  For users who share this concern, Google offers the option to pause or pause the Google Search History functionality so that records about sites you visit are not stored by the giant search engine.

 Disable Google Search History

 Here are the steps to pause the search history functionality on Chrome:

 Go to your Google Account profile page.  This is the page that opens when you click your profile photo in the upper-right corner of your Gmail account and select the blue Google Account tab.
The top section of your profile page contains "Privacy and Customization" controls.  Click the "Manage your data and customize" option at the bottom of the section.

This is the home page for your online activity.  Under the Activity controls section of the page, click the "Web & App Activity" option.

 On the page that opens, you'll see a switch to the left of the "Web & App Activity" heading.  In normal mode, the switch should be turned on, as shown in the blue switch

Click the switch and a pop-up will ask if you want to pause your Web & App Activity.  The page will also upload information about how pausing your search history will affect your future browsing experience.

 If you still want to pause your search history, click the Pause button near the bottom of the pop-up page.

 Your search history will now be disabled, and the Search History page will not have the names of the sites you visit.  If you want to undo your action and restart your Internet search history, repeat the steps in this article, and select Run instead of Pause for the last step.

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