A new Android and iPhone app makes you create amazing 360-degree videos

Creating videos is an activity that anyone can do now just by owning a smartphone.  Creating some videos and applying attractive effects is not a complicated issue, and the app we'll show you below allows you to do just that.

This is the V360, a very interesting app for Android and iOS where you can create videos by combining multiple clips and applying a 360 degree effect.
 The V360 is an interesting app because it is not only a video editor, but also focuses on generating 360-degree material.  This effect became very popular after using it in virtual tours, a technology based on a combination of images from all angles, allowing us to monitor the space in any direction.  In this way, our effect seems to be moving the camera towards another point in space.
This is the effect that V360 suggests for your videos by combining several clips.  The usage process is very simple, and it should only be started in selecting or recording videos from the app.  Immediately, you will go to the work area where you can synchronize the timeline of the videos, that way, the system will know in the app at any point to apply the effect.
 Application Link: V360V360

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