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Lebanese government cancels WhatsApp tax as protests mount

The Lebanese government has backed away from plans to tax WhatsApp calls as protests mount over the government's handling of the economic crisis. The Lebanese government has announced a new daily fee of $ 0.20 (£ 0.16) for voice calls made through WhatsApp and other similar applications.  But it canceled plans hours later amid clashes between security forces and demonstrators.  What about WhatsApp tax?  On Thursday, the Lebanese government announced a new daily tax on VoIP calls used by applications including Apple's WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and FaceTime.

A new Android and iPhone app makes you create amazing 360-degree videos

Creating videos is an activity that anyone can do now just by owning a smartphone.  Creating some videos and applying attractive effects is not a complicated issue, and the app we'll show you below allows you to do just that. This is the V360, a very interesting app for Android and iOS where you can create videos by combining multiple clips and applying a 360 degree effect.  The V360 is an interesting app because it is not only a video editor, but also focuses on generating 360-degree material.  This effect became very popular after using it in virtual tours, a technology based on a combination of images from all angles, allowing us to monitor the space in any direction.  In this way, our effect seems to be moving the camera towards another point in space. This is the effect that V360 suggests for your videos by combining several clips.  The usage process is very simple, and it should only be started in selecting or recording videos from the app.  Immediate

3 apps that allow you to create an avatar similar to you like in new phones

Apple was responsible for promoting Memoji, the graphics created from an image that anyone with a 10th-generation iPhone could create for later sharing with the world.  Companies like Samsung tried to follow the same steps, and even became a controversial issue that prompted Xiaomi herself to threaten those who compared her to Mimoji with Apple's Memoji.   Now, the water seems to be quieter, although Memoji's popularity continues to flourish.  But unlike what happens with Apple's latest phones, Android has no tangible and universal tool designed to create this kind of virtual avatar.  Fortunately, Google Play Store is full of apps of this kind, and today we wanted to choose the best apps you can use.  ZEPETO . ZEPETO  As with most apps of this type, the first step will be to create a selfie for you that the app uses to create your avatar.  However, it will be possible to modify facial features at any time before saving the image. .  This app provides th

How to turn off or disable Google Search History

Given the number of websites the average user browses daily and the number of unfamiliar links that open regularly, checking Google search history is sometimes necessary to return to a site you've previously visited. But on the other hand, many of us feel uncomfortable with Google to track all of our online activity through search history.  For users who share this concern, Google offers the option to pause or pause the Google Search History functionality so that records about sites you visit are not stored by the giant search engine.  Disable Google Search History  Here are the steps to pause the search history functionality on Chrome:  Go to your Google Account profile page.  This is the page that opens when you click your profile photo in the upper-right corner of your Gmail account and select the blue Google Account tab. The top section of your profile page contains "Privacy and Customization" controls.  Click the "Manage your data and

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages from iPhone Without Backup

WhatsApp is the most popular and most used instant messaging app for both Android and iOS.  Almost everyone around the world prefers to use WhatsApp as an instant messaging app.  The reason is quite clear that it offers a comfortable, ad-free interface with a lot of powerful features like sharing photos, videos, document group conversations, status, and so on.  It's the perfect app to chat with your friends and other people.  How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages from iPhone Without Backup  Once you have deleted useless messages in WhatsApp you may have deleted some important messages in the process.  These conversations contain some very important messages but you couldn't retrieve them   There is now a tool available that allows you to retrieve your WhatsApp messages from your iPhone without backing up your entire phone - iPhone data recovery.  It's the iPhone Data Recovery tool from Dr.Fone to see how iPhone Data Recovery can help you recover your ol

Play Call of Duty Mobile on your PC in 5 simple steps

Call Play Call of Duty Mobile on your PC in 5 simple steps  Call of Duty Mobile is one of the new games for the mobile phone campaign, which is the competition for the other game, which goes without the definition of “Ppgi”.  But based on the latest official statistics, the game has surpassed BPG and much.  Anyway, everyone is impressed with the way Call of Duty Mobile is played, and it is all the more impressive when it comes to the number of guns and their images.  However, long hours of play on the screen of your mobile phone can become a bit boring.  So, if you want to play the game on your computer, here's how you can do the same, and how it represents five very simple steps.  Steps to download and play Call of Duty Mobile on your computer:  * The first step is to download the official Call of Duty Mobile emulator called Gameloop.  Download the Gameloop emulator to your computer.  * After downloading the emulator, install