Learn about the way most browsers use it as a profit-free affiliate without ads and the amount of revenue you earn You will be surprised

Have you ever thought about how browsers win?  It does not use any kind of advertising, in this subject we will know how to win most of the famous browsers and the value of profits Fataa with me.
Mozilla Firefox:
 The company made $ 562 million in 2017 and 96% of the revenue came from agreements with search engines, the first being Google, which signed an agreement to make its engine the default engine in Firefox Quantum. This deal is profitable for Google because users  Firefox is looking more than 100 billion times a year.

2. Edge:
 Microsoft's proprietary Bing search engine comes from the same company, so the more users of its browser, the more users of its search engine and the more profits.
 Oprah has licensing deals with many sites such as Booking and Ebay, and has hardware-level agreements with smart phone companies such as Oppo and Xiaomi, where Opera is the main browser in this company's devices.
 The browser also relies on the same method as Firefox. It earns from agreements with search engines, especially Google, which recently paid $ 12 billion to continue using it as a default search engine.

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