Huawei's president assures that the company continues to develop its own operating system ARK OS and will be faster than Android

The Chinese company announced that it is working on ARK OS access, as its new operating system, which was already seen in its first image.

The company wanted to announce that even after lifting the right to ban them, ARK OS, as it will be called as its operating system is still under development and will become faster than Android and iOS.
According to Le Point, Reng Zhengfei, Founder of Huawei, said that despite everything, the company continues to develop ARK OS, which plans to change its Android that will not rely on it in the future.
Huawei is currently the second largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, and the arrival of ARK OS is a big step for the Chinese manufacturer.  Reng Zhengfei stressed that the company not only continues to operate on its own operating system, but can be "faster than iOS and Android."
Huawei's founder takes the opportunity to explain that lifting the US ban does not change the company's plan for the operating system in which they continue to operate.
 Huawei has already registered its operating system in many countries, providing information about ARK OS, and it will be compatible with a wide range of devices, including smart phones, computers, tablets, smart watches and more.  Right now, we have to wait for Huawei's legacy to see what plans the company has for its operating system.

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