How to save and type the font type within a Word Word file when you print it

Do you have a problem writing and formatting some of the text in a Word Word file and after going to the library, we are surprised that the font does not appear in its basic form and we coordinate it due to the absence of the same font used in the new computer.

 This can be solved by installing the same fonts on the computer from which you want to print the file, or you can include the fonts used in Word. This is what we will learn about how to save the font type and format it in a Word Word file when printed.

 You will be able to save the fonts used when writing a Word file directly in the file automatically to appear in the desired format when transferred to another device.
 Save the font type and format it inside a Word Word file when printed
 At the beginning of Word and Word interface click on the option File File
Then scroll to Options
 Click the Save tab
 Then go to option 2
  Shown in the image and mark all options correctly

 To make the final result as in the following picture and then press OK
 These options are in the Arabic interface of the program as well
 In this way, after writing any text within Word Word, it will be saved with all the fonts used automatically, so when transferred to any other device will automatically transfer lines and will preserve the original format of the Word file.

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