Apply MAPS.ME for free and fast maps without internet connection

The MAPS.ME application provides free, fast and detailed maps without any Internet connection with the navigation option through voice guidance.  The application is trusted by more than 100 million travelers from all over the world.  Maps provided by the application do not require an Internet connection.  Which helps in providing Internet data.

 Download the MAPS.ME application
The MAPS.ME application provides all maps and features free of charge.  The most important feature of the application is the navigation feature that can be used while driving, walking and cycling anywhere in the world.  Just plan your trip and do not miss any interesting place through the dedicated itineraries provided by the app.  App developers have partnered with the best travel creators to help users get paths and routes to popular destinations that include interesting sites on the map and can be downloaded for offline use.

The MAPS.ME application provides directions and paths in detail to places not found in other map applications and maps are updated by millions of contributors in the app.  You can search for different categories such as restaurants, cafes, attractions, hotels, ATMs and public transport.  You can also share your site via text message or social media with many additional features that you will know after downloading the application from the following link:

 Application download link

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