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Shazam's Director posted a YouTube video detailing the film's mistakes

In April this year, Marvel fans took a breather as DC took the lead. Shazam! The DC Universe's most relatable hero hit theatres, earning the franchise a pretty decent $364.2 million at the box office.

However, the filmmaking process isn't exactly smooth-sailing as the film's director David Sandberg will be the first to admit. During a detailed video, Sandberg explains the film's biggest mistakes as well as how they were rectified. And, honestly, it's pretty genius.

Sandberg starts by showing a shot of Shazam, played by Zachary Levi, flying through the mall. But, there's a major oops - the crew is still stood in the shot.

And, how they fix it is brilliant

He then explains what happens when actors have a scheduling conflict and can't make it for a certain day of shooting. However, one Reddit user questioned why Sandberg didn't just find a different actress whose schedule was more accommodating, to which he responded: "Availability issues happen all the time. A friend of mine recently worked on a blockbuster where the star wasn’t available for a big scene so they had to shoot it with the other actors on location and then repeat camera moves on bluescreen with the star much later. That’s not even that unusual, to shoot actors at separate occasions. Also one of the voice performers I’ve worked with is the voice for one of the big action stars when he’s not available for ADR. So you might not even be hearing the actors you think you’re hearing in movies. Popular actors are busy. If you want them in your movie you work around their schedule. Faithe was the perfect actress for Darla so there was no other choice for me."

Check out the full video below

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