6 wonderful tricks hidden in Huawei phones you should learn by

Huawei is rich from the definition of the most successful companies around the world, but recently, after the problems with Google trying to stabilize itself in the manufacture of all components of its phones within China to avoid the problems that occurred again, and this company always has many surprises for users,  If you try to check your Huawei phone a little, you will find that it has many features that you have not previously learned or used before.

 First: Use the App Twin feature
 The App Twin feature is one of the unique features of Huawei phones and sometimes in some new Samsung phones. This feature allows you to open more than one account at the same time.  Because this feature will save you very time in this issue.
 Second: the existence of reverse wireless charging
 The latest versions of Huawei phones have a feature called Wireless Reverse Charging, which means the reverse charge, which is to keep your battery from running out of power by switching power from one device to another wirelessly.
 Third: Take a picture of the screen
 We all know that if you want to take a picture of your phone screen you can click on several fingers at once but this method is very old for Huawei devices because now you can take a picture of the screen just by pressing your finger more than twice on the phone or by drawing a character s on the phone screen.
 Fourth: One touch of fingerprint
 With Huawei's new technologies, the company now does not rely on a special place to insert a fingerprint behind the phone like other companies, but now rely on placing your finger only anywhere on your phone screen and will open the device automatically.
Fifth: Video ring tone
 Huawei has adopted the ringtone feature of the phone, which is a video meaning that it is ringing tone and if you are contacted, the video of the device-based tone is displayed. This feature is an experience that was found on some Nokia phones.
 Finally: Easy switch from one phone to another
 As part of the company's keenness on its user data, the company offers you another service, which is to access your data on your old phone when you buy a new Huawei phone,
 And then the connection between the two phones will be transferred and recorded all your data and of course this will save you a lot of time.

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