The most prominent additions coming in the update of the next pupg Mobile 12-6-2019

Pupg latest releases come with some great additions this month, what's new in this June update
The most prominent additions coming in the update of the next pupg 12-6-2019
 • Add Team Teammatch, which allows you to fight between two teams (each team has 4 players), and you can also create rooms for this stage.
 • The Arcade mode will work according to the times, as follows:
 Monday and Wednesday: training sniper + war.
 Tuesday and Thursday: a small area + a quick match.
Friday - Saturday - Sunday: The beauty of the way works.
 • Develop a fraud prevention system as well as improve its detection mechanism.
 • In the Vikendi map players will leave footprints and tracks as well as tracks of vehicle tires.
 • When killed by a friend, the decision to reduce the integrity (Merit) will be taken by the killed player if he wants to reduce or leave him.
 There are also many other changes and additions.
 The update volume for Android 1.98GB
 The iOS update size will be 2.45GB
 The game will stop at 12 am o'clock tomorrow morning to 8 am of the same day the time of Greenwich.

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