Samsung Unveils New Camcorder Technology for Integrated Screen

The Korean giant has recently confirmed plans to develop a new camera technology to support a full-screen display in upcoming smart phone releases..
Samsung is working on an under-display camera
There has been a lot of change in the design of smart phones in the recent period, as the giants of the manufacture of the phone to develop the optimal design that makes full use of the display on the screen, so we have seen the design of the camera in the hole and the design of the emerging camera, and again Samsung is preparing to develop a greater design and technology  The camera.

 Some recent leaks have pointed to Samsung's plans to develop a camera at the bottom of the screen similar to the fingerprint sensor built into the screen. The new technology details came from Yang Byung, vice president of Samsung's research and development group.

 This is a new attempt by Samsung to move all the devices down the display in the smart phones. In addition to moving the fingerprint sensor to the bottom of the screen, another technology to replace the amplifiers with sound emitted from the screen, and developed smart phones to integrate light sensors and proximity sensor to the bottom of the screen  , So we may see later that many of the phone technologies are turned down the screen.

 The announcement did not bring much details about the new technology, but the inclusion of many technologies on the screen will certainly make it difficult to ...

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