Learn why you should wait 10 seconds when you restart the router?

Wait for 10 seconds before reconnecting "You're at this stage asking yourself already:" But is this just a joke of technical support or is it based on a technical reason?  "In this article we will identify why we have to wait 10 seconds when you restart your modem or router.
 Why do we disconnect the router for 10 seconds

 Many of the modern technologies contain capacitors, elements of electronic elements and their main guest is the control of the flow of electrical charge in the electronic circuit.  It is called condenser because it condenses and keeps the charge inside it like an instantaneous battery.
 10 seconds is the time it takes most of the capacitors to discharge the stored energy, which is enough time for the electronic device to stop working effectively and completely.  This happens when you disconnect the power from your computer and note that the motherboard LED is still on for a few more seconds, until it runs out slowly.  You can wait a different time, but 10 seconds is the shortest time you can be sure to discharge enough stored energy.
 Therefore, this is why technical support asks you to turn off the router or router in case there is a problem with the connection and reconnect it for at least 10 seconds.

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