Learn how many messages you've sent in your account and what word you use most with this new and wonderful app

Being the most widely used messaging service in the world and one of the most downloaded in history, it is no surprise that more and more developers are leveraging the creation of applications and tools that can help users..
Because Facebook is reluctant to release some of the features users require, there are those who choose to create their own solutions.  This is the case of developer Oguzhan Yigit, which is the latest creation of one of the most interesting Wattab tools we have seen for a long time.
 Its name is WhatsCloud, and as they point out from the portal of XDA developers, it is an application responsible for analyzing our chats and accounts, all of this safely and without sharing sensitive data, of course, in order to generate detailed statistics about many aspects, such as the most repeated words in our conversations,  They share more in group chat, and much more, all in the form of interactive graphics.
 The application, which can be downloaded for free on Google Play, works by taking advantage of Watsab's ability to export chat history in a TXT file.  In this way, this application analyzes the content even though Watsab does not provide a custom API for this purpose.
When parsing a TXT file using chat history, the app can generate statistics reports on the following aspects:
 - The participants in the chat are more active.
 - Most common words we sent.
 - The days and weeks when we were more active at Watsab.
 - The average number of messages sent.
 To make the application work, simply install it and give it the necessary permissions.  Then, you just select Wattab as the messaging application you want to analyze, and then the chat you want to export in TXT format.  The application will process text, and generate statistics in interactive charts and tables.
 The application developer ensures that in the future, new types of statistics will be provided to provide users with a clearer understanding of how they use the messaging and messaging service.
 Application Link  : WhatsCloud

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