Learn about Huawei phones that can get the new Android Q10 update

Fortunately Huawei will benefit from a three-month mission to make security updates as well as maintenance of its hardware and network in the United States.  As handset owners and current equipment from Huawei will benefit from new updates to Android.
 Google's suspension of work with Huawei has caused concern among users. It could block the use of common applications like Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, Google Apps Store, Google Maps and all other services of the US company.  Google is committed to the decision of the US administration, which attacked "Huawei," claiming that the company poses a threat to its national security because of its use of fifth-generation communication network and take the company as a means of Chinese spy activities.
Here is the list of devices that can receive the new update Android 10 Q / EMUI 10.

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