Launching the official version of Tor Browser for Android .... Quick to try it

Finally, it came out of the beta version and is already available on the Android system in a stable version, as announced by the Tor project.  This will make it much easier to navigate the Tor network in complete secrecy.
 The Tor Browser is ideal for users who want a very complex privacy layer to browse the web.
 VPN and incognito modes can help, but if you want to go to another level of privacy, there's the famous Tor browser.
 "Mobile browsing is increasing worldwide, and in some places, this is often the only way to access the Internet,
 "In these same areas (the United States), there is often strong censorship over the Internet, so we prioritize access to those users."

 Tor Browser is based on Firefox, so it has facilities like tabbed browsing, but it does not directly link to websites.  Instead, it uses a network of encrypted servers that bounce requests around multiple intermediate links that hide the IP address and identity.  It is now possible to connect Tor to a smartphone using the Orbot / Orfox application, but now Now integrated, and connected to the network each time the application is opened.
 Tor can help activists or journalists avoid government censorship, for example.  Tor network can also be used to hide drug deals and other illegal activities.
 You can download Tor Browser for Android using the following link:  : Tor Browser

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