How to record voice and video calls in your account without knowing who you are talking to

Approximately 55 million video calls per day through Wattab, along with voice calls, total calls approximately 2 billion minutes per day.  For this reason alone, Watsab is not only the most widely used IM application in the world, but it is also one of the favorite platforms for users to talk to their families and friends.
But Watsab calls are not perfect.  Some people, though used every day, still lack jobs that may be necessary for many, but the company seems to be resisting to implement them.  One of them is the possibility of recording calls, which unfortunately did not yet appear in the application.
 Fortunately, using third party tools, it is possible to record calls we make through the messaging service in a simple way. In this post we share two applications to do so.
 Record voice calls in your account with Cube ACR
 Although Google seems to be putting more obstacles in front of developers of call recording applications, it can use the vast majority of them without problems to record voice calls on the wattage.  One of the most popular is Cube ACR, which gained more than 5 million installs on Google Play and a 4.7 star rating.
 Although the application was created to record traditional voice calls, Cube ACR provides the ability to record voice for calls made through a number of applications such as Skype, Line, and of course Wattab.
Simply install the application, and select from the applications where you want to record voice calls, in this case and set up.  It will also be possible to enable automatic registration so that it is not necessary to manually start recording each time a call is made.
 Application Link : Cube ACR

Record video calls and subscribe using the MNML Screen Recorder
 When you record video calls, the process is simplified. One of the many applications of the Android system that allows recording of the screen is enough to capture the sound captured by the phone microphone.
 Because of its ease of use, and because it is a completely free application, we chose MNDL Screen Recorder, a very simple application that allows you to capture everything on your phone screen as well as external audio.
 To record video calls in the stream using this application, it will be necessary to start recording the screen to the application before entering the call.  Fortunately, the app provides the ability to add a shortcut to the system's Quick Settings panel so that it can start recording with one touch.
 Application Link : MNML Screen Recorder

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