Cut the video in a professional to raise it on the case in WhatsApp and Instagram

It is known that Watts does not support the lifting of videos on the extension of the first period of 30 seconds, the same with the Instagram where he does not support the lifting of videos on the extent of the extent of the exception of more than 15 seconds. Of course, many people are distantated from these ascertainment especially those who have beautiful videos want to share. There are a lot of people who are leaving to video lifts into way. All the people uses the most people are a non-professional and innovative way. In this article, you will explain your very great programming you can drive any video.
The program that has been explained to you is an Arabic and free application named Golden Scissors you sink upload from outside Google Belly in the end is not in Google Play. After you download the software and install it offset by us in the format, click on a video to choose the video to get it to do.
After choosing the video we press the video cut and we see us with the interface in this way we wrote in the cloud 30 if the video will be lifted on Watts and 15 if the video will be lifted on instagram
Then click on the Spil and the application will cut the video in the duration that you have chosen after the video cutting will appear you a network that is running a job for one-day videos either and you have a very contest case with a download link gold split 

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